With the the bioresonance device, we achieve the so-called. feedback, or accept the patient's signal, the latter is strengthened, analysed, treated, and then delivered to the patient in the form of an output signal. Bioresonance can be used for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. The diagnostic examination is based on the principles of bioresonance in connection with electroacupuncture techniques.

Electroacupuncture and Bioresonance

Diagnosis & Therapy for Children

Treatment of summer allergy

Treatment: herpes and impetigo on the lips

Electroacupuncture and Bioresonance

Diagnosis & Therapy for Adults

Treatment of deep (summer) sunburn

Treatment: deep wound - diabetic foot

(diabetes type 1)

Bioresonance Therapy and Electroacupuncture by dr. Voll

Bioresonance is a treatment method for:

  • skin changes


  • bronchitis


  • celiac disease


  • digestive disorders

  • neurodermatitis

  • gynaecological diseases / disorders


  • infertility

  • hormonal disorders

  • pains

  • problems with overweight

  • burns

  • skin diseases


  • broken bones

  • hypersensitivity and allergies (food intolerance, insect spots, pollen, etc.)

  • strengthening of the immune system


  • radiation loads


  • injuries and pain (joints, spine, etc.)

  • acute and chronic diseases

  • infections

  • neurological diseases

  • autoimmune diseases

  • preparing for surgical procedures and post operative support

  • prepare for vaccinations and discharge after vaccination

  • preventive therapies with discharges to maintain health

  • diseases of the gastrointestinal tract

  • headaches and migraines


  • cardiovascular diseases

  • psychosomatic problems

  • (depression, nervousness, etc.)

  • diseases of the urinary tract

  • treatment of addiction

  • (alcohol, tobacco, drugs)

  • acute colds (ear infections, toothache, nausea, viral flu, cough, etc.)

  • rehabilitation after wound, fracture and hematoma

  • rhymes

  • condition after overgrowth borreliosis

  • detoxification of the body

  • treatment of infections with fungal candidiasis

Instructions for therapies

Before performing therapy, follow the instructions:

1. Before and after the therapy, plenty of water is consumed (for adults from 1.5 to 2 liters / day). After the treatment, take at least 1 liter of water

2. No alcohol, coffee or black tea should be taken before 6-8 hours before treatment

3. Do not take any alcohol, coffee or black tea for 6 hours after treatment

4. After your treatment, make sure you rest and sleep

5. Follow the instructions of the therapist

6. Do not lubricate the hands with different creams


The therapy will not work if you do not follow the instructions.